Premium Bundle (iOS – tvOS – Android – WordPress)


  • Include Radio Play for iOS + tvOS
  • Include Stream Radio 2 Multi Stations
  • Include Pulse Theme for Wordpress
  • No coding needed
  • Modify. Build. Distribute
  • Free updates
  • Lifetime Support
  • Early access beta

Extended Licence allow you to build and distribute multiple apps with a single purchase.

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Radio Play for iOS & tvOS

Radio Play is the ultimate app for your Radio Station ! Compatible from iOS 9 to iOS 12, it includes the best features for your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Easy to customize, monetization with ads, powerful by adding unlimited number of stations, useful when displaying Artist, Name and Album Cover while playing… Radio Play for iOS is for you !

Best of all, Radio Play now includes all the files to build your application for tvOS. Compatible with tvOS 9 and higher, it includes all the features of TVML (Remote controlled app via a server), with easy customization, player, single or multiple stations, slides, logo… Radio Play for tvOS is for you !

Radio Play for iOS

  • Multiple Radio Station support
  • Search: Look for a Radio Station
  • Categories: Search by category a station
  • Scrolling for Title & Artist Info
  • QuickAction for your iPhone 6S/7 to start your station right away
  • Full size Player with Album, artist name, song title and station name
  • Deep integration with iOS (All information on lock screen and Control Center, also auto updates when track changes)
  • Optimized Design for any device (iPad or iPhone) and with compatible with Slide Over on iPad
  • Loading audio stream in mp3, pls, m3u, aac, acc+ and m3u8
  • Compatible Radionomy, Shoutcast, Icecast, RadioKing and many more providers
  • Twitter and Facebook integration, share song and station in the Player
  • Website view and email contact
  • Admob (Google) / FacebookAds (Facebook) support. On screen while opening a player (interstitial) and on screen (banner with AdMob) and inApp Purchase to remove ads (Enable/Disable)
  • Background audio, supports interruptions and resumes playback (like getting phone call) and supports headphones being inserted and removed

Preview at or

Radio Play for tvOS

  • Single or Multiple Stations support
  • Player (Play, Stop, Resume)
  • Different type of Templates that you can use
  • All PSD files are included
  • Background audio

Feel free to suggest more features for the coming releases


Changelog for Radio Play for iOS & tvOS :

5.1.1 – January 2019
– Hot fixes

5.1 – January 2019
– Ready for iOS 12.1.3
– Ready for iPhone XS, XS Max & XR
– You can now choose from Twitter or Instagram in the Player
– You can now disable the blur effect and reflection effect of the Album Art in the Player
– You can now disable the search feature
– You can now disable the categories
– Added explanation about the In-App Purchases
– Updated Google AdMob and Facebook Frameworks
– Battery life Improvements
– General Improvements and bug fixes
– No changes

5.0 – September 2018
– Ready for iOS 12
– Ready for iPhone XS, XS Max & XR
– Ready for tvOS 12 (Improved Audio Quality)

4.1.2 – July 2018
– Getting ready for iOS 12 (5.0 incoming)
– AdMob & Facebook updated Frameworks
– Bug fixes
– Getting ready for tvOS 12 (Improved Audio Quality)

4.1.1 – March 2018
– Remote DataBase improvements
– Improved compatibility with iPhone X
– New Player
– New Home Page
– UI Darker
– Compatible with iOS 11.3
– Improvements for AppleTV 4K HDR
– Compatible with tvOS 11.3

4.1 – January 2018
– New Player Design (Album Art, Artist, Song Title, Facebook & Twitter and Apple Music)
– New Home Design (Smaller rows, improved loading times)
– Fixes and improvements
– Improvements for iPhone X
– Video support in Landscape
– Improved Station Default Album
– Improvements for AppleTV 4K (Logos and Icons)

4.0.2 – October 2017
– Fixes and improvements
– Improvements for iPhone X
– Improved Station Default Album
– Improvements for AppleTV 4K

4.0.1 – September 2017
– Remote DataBase is Back
– Improvements for iPhone X
– Improvements for AppleTV 4K

4.0 – September 2017
– Documentation now available online at
– Search: Search in any radio using the search bar
– Categories: Start to class your stations by categories
– New design in the Home page
– Optimised Album Art: now using iTunes
– Optimised Player title when the data is not correctly encoded
– Optimised Loading UI
– Ready for iOS 11
– Improvements for tvOS 11
– Fixed Server Issue

3.1 – July 2017
– We have optimised the player to make it start faster
– Updated Google Admob Framework
– Updated Facebook Ads Framework
– Updated OneSignal Framework
– New Google AdMob support (iOS 11)
– Improvements for iOS 11 beta users
– Share option: You can now use the current image of the player or the radio logo
– New icons in the PlayerView
– Safari is now used for Facebook, Twitter and Music. Allowing auto login, password support and cookies
– Optimisation of the size of the icons in the PlayerView
– Fixed Album Art in PlayerView (bug introduced in 3.0.1 if using Remote)
– Fixed Remote bug if one station is used
– Fixed Bugs in iOS 11
– General optimisation
– Categories in preview
– Improvements for tvOS 11
– General Improvements

3.0.1 – (6 March 2017)
– Improvements for Volume Slider
– More options available (Change the title displayed in the PlayerView, Activate LastFM or not, Activate the volume slider or not, …)
– Support for m3u8
– Updated AdMob Framework
– Added background audio
– You can now directly upload the server file to test the app
– Some improvements.

3.0 – (3rd Feb 2017)

Introducing RadioPlay for tvOS :
– Add many stations as you like or Single Station
– Compatible with tvOS 9 & 10
– Adding Categories, Single Station Presentation, Home, Player and many more things
– All PSD & Documentation included
– Fixed AdMob when no ads are available
– Fixed Player Auto Start when the In App Purchase have been made
– Added Player V2 (Optional)
– Fixed Remote Playlist
– Fixed Album Blur
– Other some small fixes

2.1 – (18th Jan 2017)

– Push Notifications (OneSignal)
– Fixed Volume Slider on iPad
– Added one more icon for dedications
– Fixed Google Banner interfering with InApp Purchase & Play Button
– Fixed Share on iPad
– Fixed LunchScreen on iPad
– The listener can click on the name of the station or « now playing » to return to the Play Screen
– Fixed Single Station mode
– Fixed AdMob : The Player will start only at the end of the Interstitial

2.0 – (3rd Jan 2017)

– Improvements for remote station list
– Improvements for InApp Purchase UI
– Added share button in the PlayerView
– Added specific Facebook & Twitter link in the PlayerView
– New UI in the radio page
– Added a update button in the settings
– Fixed Tint color
– Fixed Volume Slider
– Fixed Album in PlayerView
– Fixed ipv6 requirements
– Fixed AdMob requirements

1.2.1 – (8th Dec 2016)

– In-App Purchase Fix while removing the ads

1.2 – (1st Dec 2016)

– In-App Purchase Support

1.1 – (16th Nov 2016)

– AdMob & FacebookAds Native Support

1.0 – (10th Nov 2016)

– Initial Release



Demo APK

Custom android based online radio streamer application. It’s can stream lot of file formats.

  • PLS
  • M3U
  • MP3
  • MIDI
  • AAC LC
  • AAC+ (AACP)
  • AAC ELD (enhanced low delay AAC)(Android 4.1+)
  • AMR-NB
  • AMR-WB
  • FLAC
  • Vorbis


    • Sophisticated design and smart blur background
    • Track title detection
    • Album cover detection
    • Smart notification bar with song title
    • Background play support
    • Smart headphone detection
    • Animated buffering
    • Customizable logo (Add your own radio’s logo!)
    • Search and share function
    • External .xml data source, codec, search function
    • External .xml online data source (with free online file storage)
    • Supports error handling for network problems or bad streaming URLs
    • Supports interruptions and resumes playback (eg.: getting a phone call)
    • Checks network availability
    • Easy volume control (with side button and touch screen too)
    • Listing radio stations on separate page
    • Custom stations addition (from local data storage)
    • AdMob integration
    • Android Studio & Eclipse project
    • No programming skills needed (video tutorial link in the zip file)

What you get

  • Full Android Source Code (Eclipse and Android Studio version)
  • Step-By-Step Video instructions (youtube link in the documentation)
  • Step-By-Step documentation
  • Demo .apk file


pulse is a responsive music WordPress theme, let you manage audio, radio, music and sell the audio files to your customer. User can create their own track and playlist for playing, and add track to favorites.


  • Ajax powered music site
  • Front-end submission
  • User create playlist
  • Woocommerce music shop
  • Responsive layouts
  • Site and app layout
  • Dark and white styles
  • 4 page templates
  • One click to install demo data
  • RTL
  • Play stream
  • Play radio


Change Log

v.1.2.0 – May 9, 17
  • Add Siteorigin Page Builder support
  • Add ajax loading search result page
v.1.1.2 – May 1, 17
  • Add download button on track
  • Add video url on front-end upload form
  • Add users in search list
  • Add select tracks into music/product
  • Add plays/likes/downloads to be editable
  • Add auto fill the duration/artist fields when select the stream from local media
  • Fix header on app layout
  • Fix increase play count when click play/pause button on player
v.1.1.1 – April 25, 17
  • Add follow button on user widget
  • Fix upload link
  • Fix user can follow himself
v.1.1.0 – April 24, 17
  • Add followers/following on user page
  • Add overview on user page
  • Add user widget
  • Add videos page template
  • Add artists page template
  • Fix some issues
v.1.0.3 – March 15, 17
  • Add play count on charts page
  • Add weekly charts template
  • Add wc-vendor support
  • Add follow/following
  • Add artist tag on track post type
  • Fix some issues
v.1.0.2 – March 3, 2017
  • Add autoplay for default track
  • Fix Soundcloud play issue
v.1.0.1 – February 20, 2017
    • Fix demo data import


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